Saturday, November 5, 2011

my dark blues

i don't want to be dark
id be fair skinned rather
i look at people; like
anyone would look at
most gave me a look
filled with contempt
is that fair to someone dear?

i look at them for that smile
me not alone in the space
the fair ones get that back
why me denied a curve of lips
is it a scornful thing for the cloud
to look at the rainbows on its way?

i don't want to be dark
I'd rather be fair skinned
if dark was so scary,
then why he did create?

there is a place near by vacant
that man gave me an uneasy stare
and goes he on to the other side
for being with a similar tone

i love this kid who just arrived
with a dashing smile across the face
she spread that warmth within
which was denied for long